Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development is an interdisciplinary centre that aims to be a catalyst for research and education on sustainable development as well as a meeting place for students and researchers. The centre is a collaboration between Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU.


The objectives of The Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development are achieved by:

  • Contributing to increased cooperation in the field of sustainable development from global, regional, and local perspectives, shared between scientists and teachers from different faculties, and between universities around the world.
  • Being a forum for critical dialogue on scientific grounds promoting the development of knowledge
  • Stimulating interdisciplinary research between researchers at both universities and all faculty areas within the field of sustainable development
  • Stimulating the study of courses within and between the two university faculty areas within the field of sustainable development
  • Increase the interest in the knowledge base through outreach activities such as seminars, conferences, and publications, etc.

Programmes and initiatives



CEMUS includes student-led interdisciplinary education, a transdisciplinary research forum (CEFO), and a forum to stimulate deep discussion and innovative action on the most pressing environment, development and sustainability issues of our time.


CEMUS Research Forum, CEFO is a transdisciplinary research forum open to researchers and PhD-students at Uppsala University, SLU and other universities in Sweden. CEFO activities focus on environment, development and sustainability studies. We collaborate with other universities and departments to enrich research education through our transdisciplinary Sustainability Seminars, PhD courses, workshops, lectures and field trips.


Zennström Visiting Professorship in Climate Change Ledarship at Uppsala University is a 10-year series of visiting professorships, Zennström Philanthropies and Uppsala University are enabling the development of an enviromment that will directly address some of the most challenging questions that climate change poses to humanity, develop novel solutions, and enable transformative change in the nexus of science, policy and innovation.


Baltic University Programme is a network of more than 190 universities and other institutions for higher learning throughout the Baltic region. The network is coordinated by a secretariat at Uppsala University.


Uppsala Water Centre works to ensure that the unique expertise on water issues gathered in Uppsala is used to meet society’s needs within this field.



DevNet is a Swedish research network on sustainable development, based at Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development. DevNet was established on January 1, 2008, with a one-year planning grant from Sida/Sarec, and has received a three-year grant for the period 2009-2011.


CivSoc has two objectives: to advance the Swedish research front on civil society in developing countries, and to strengthen research-based knowledge about civil society among Swedish actors within international development cooperation (Sida, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, non-governmental organisations and consultants).