Oct 17: Pathways to a fossil-free society – The case of Järfälla Kommun

A public lecture in Järfälla Kommun about regional and rapid transformations to fossil-free societies.

When: Tuesday October 17th, 13.00-15.00

Where: The Auditorium at Järfälla Gymnasium, Märstavägen 2

Uppsala University’s Zennström Professor in Climate Change Leadership, Kevin Anderson has together with colleagues at CEMUS calculated a carbon budget for the Swedish Municipality of Järfälla. As the first municipality in Sweden, Järfälla now has a scientifically based analysis that shows how they need to work to decrease emissions in line with the temperature commitments enshrined in the Paris Agreement.

Come and listen and join the discussion about rapid decarbonisation in the face of climate change – in Jäfälla Kommun and beyond.

Register by sending an email to Megha Huber at Järfälla Municipality: megha.huber@jarfalla.se