July 4th and 5th: Seminars in Almedalen

On Tuesday July 4th and Wednesday July 5th, CEMUS will be organizing seminars in Almedalen.

Tuesday July 4: Are universities making the world worse? Education and research in an age of climate change

9.30-10.30 in Studentcentrum/HUS D, Uppsala University Campus
What is the role of universities in response to the great environmental and social challenges of our times? In an age of escalating climate change, ecological unravelling and societal instability and uncertainty, what is higher education and research really for? And for whom?
More information at: http://www.almedalsveckan.info/event/view/47645

Wednesday July 5: Leader or Laggard? Reviewing Sweden’s climate and sustainability agenda
9.30-10.30 in Studentcentrum/HUS D, Uppsala University Campus

What does a nation such as Sweden need to deliver if it is to make its fair contribution to the Paris agreement on climate change? And how are we doing so far? Are there tradeoffs between adressing climate change and other sustainable development goals? or perhaps synnergies?
More information at: http://www.almedalsveckan.info/event/view/47653

Other events

Zennström professor Kevin Anderson will also be contributing to a number of other events at Almedalen:

More information about Almedalen here: http://www.almedalsveckan.info/