Nov 21: Talking Transition – A New Economics to meet new social and planetary fundamentals?

andrewWarmly welcome to a public lecture and conversation with Andrew Simms, author, analyst and co-director of the New Weather Institute.

Where: Hamberg Lecture Hall, Geocentrum, Villavägen 16, Uppsala
When: Monday November 21, 17.15-20.00

We are currently locked-in to a high-emissions global economy by multiple factors including high-carbon infrastructure, high-consumption culture and an economic system, dominated by finance that fails the poorest, assumes orthodox growth that increases environmental pressure, and resists change however broken. Recent times reveal mainstream economic models that are failing politically, ecologically, socially and in their own terms. We know that, depending on the degree of risk we are prepared to tolerate, we are either on the cusp of, or rapidly approaching an environmental domino effect potentially leading to irreversible, catastrophic climatic upheaval. The question is: How do we escape, in time, and come out the better for it?

‘Talking Transition’ is part of The Global Economy course at CEMUS, but it will also be an event open to the public.

Andrew is a research associate with the Centre for Global Political Economy at the University of Sussex and Fellow at the New Economics Foundation, where he served as Policy Director for 10 years. Andrew also came up with the Earth Overshoot concept, this is a day each year which represents the overuse of resources by humans.

Kevin Anderson, Zennström professor in climate change leadership at Uppsala University, will also contribute to the discussion after Andrew’s lecture.