Stockholm Environment Institute, Stockholm University and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences are proud to present the Gordon Goodman Memorial Lecture 2017, to be delivered by Kevin Anderson, professor in climate and energy, and Uppsala University’s Zennström professor in Climate Change Leadership at the Centre for Sustainable Development (CEMUS). This […]

September 21: The Gordon Goodman Memorial Lecture with Kevin Anderson

On Tuesday July 4th and Wednesday July 5th, CEMUS will be organizing seminars in Almedalen. Tuesday July 4: Are universities making the world worse? Education and research in an age of climate change 9.30-10.30 in Studentcentrum/HUS D, Uppsala University Campus What is the role of universities in response to the […]

July 4th and 5th: Seminars in Almedalen

You are cordially invited to the NRHU/CSD-CEMUS special guest lecture by Gavin Bridge, Professor of Economic Geography at Durham University. Making a Global Gas Market: New Geographies of Liquefied Natural Gas Professor Bridge will be discussing the current dynamic evolution in the global gas market, specifically developments in the liquefied […]

June 12: Public Lecture on Global Energy and Climate Governance

Kevin Anderson, Uppsala University’s Zennström professor in Climate Change Leadership will be giving a keynote lecture at the Clean Tech Challenge for Cities event on June 1 at 9 Am in The Aula at Polacksbacken, Uppsala. The rapid population growth in urban areas comes with an enormous need for development […]

June 1: Clean Tech Challenge for Cities – Keynote presentation by Kevin ...

Kevin Anderson, Uppsala University’s Zennström professor in climate change leadership will be visiting Stockholm Resilience Centre on Tuesday, 30 May, for a seminar and panel discussion in the lobby with Kevin Noone, Miriam Huitric, Will Steffen and Johan Rockström. What is the whole story on decarbonization? What kind of change […]

May 30: Seminar on Rapid Decarbonisation at Stockholm Resilience Centre

Warmly welcome to a public seminar hosted by the Centre for Environment and Development Studies (CEMUS) at Uppsala University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Time: Thursday May 18, 12.15-15.00 Venue: Mallans Sal, Uppsala City Library, Svartbäcksgatan 17, Uppsala Live-stream: In 1992, students at Uppsala university initiated the interdisciplinary […]

May 18: What is education and research for? The role of universities ...

Drop in this Friday! Kollaboratoriet Uppsala is transformed into an art installation that you can walk completely into. Gaze up, down and around you at the the best climate science humans can produce in an unexpected shape. Experience a calm emergency. When: Friday April 7, 12.00-18.00 Where: Kollaboratoriet Uppsala, Östra […]

April 7: Calm Emergency – An exhibition in the shadow of climate ...

The massive open online course in climate change leadership begins April 10, 2017 – Register at FutureLearn Animated trailer on carbon budgets and what we need to do with Kevin Anderson, Zennström visiting professor at Uppsala University, for the Climate Change Leadership MOOC. Join at Produced by Ingrid M. […]

Animated trailer on carbon budgets and what we need to do with ...

Welcome to the Official Opening Week at Kollaboratoriet Uppsala. Co-hosted by CEMUS and the Live Baltic Campus Project at UU Welcome to the official opening of Kollaboratoriet Uppsala, (Uppsala Collaboratory). Kollaboratoriet Uppsala is a physical space for collaborative activities and events. It’s purpose: hosting new collaborations for a better world. The space offers various flexible […]

Opening Week at Kollaboratoriet Uppsala

A public seminar with Professor Bert J.M. De Vries, Professor Emeritus of Global Change and Energy, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Download the presentation from Bert’s talk here. Time and place Monday April 3rd, 16.00-17.00 Geocentrum Library, Villavägen 16, Uppsala About the seminar In this seminar Professor De Vries will reflect […]

April 3: Ethics, Finance and the Sustainable Development Goals – A reflection

On March 30th, Kevin Anderson, Zennström Professor in Climate Change Ledearship at Uppsala University will give a talk at the Swedish Parliament with the title: Paris, 2°C and carbon budgets: understanding Sweden’s role in a low-carbon future When: 12.00-13.00 Where: Mittpoolen Seminar Room, Riksdagen, Stockholm The Paris Agreement’s commitment to […]

Mar 30: Public Talk with Kevin Anderson in the Swedish Parliament

Should scientists stop flying? Decoupling knowledge from carbon in an age of climate change Warmly welcome to a joint KTH-Uppsala Seminar with Kevin Andersson, Uppsala University’s Zennström Professor in Climate Change Leadership, at the Centre for Sustainable Development (Cemus). Date and Time: Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 10:00 AM – 12:00 […]

Mar 28: Open Seminar – Decoupling knowledge from carbon in an age ...